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I have been involved with Japan, China, Korea and Mexico since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, student, journalist, editor and author working out of Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City. I am a graduate of Jochi University in Tokyo, and The American Institute for Foreign Trade (in 1953), now Thunderbird School of Global Management, in Glendale, Arizona, USA. If you want the complete story, my autobiography, "The Incredible Power of Serendipity" is featured below with a summary of its contents.

THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF SERENDIPITY! - Highlights of an Uncommon Life. This is the story of the author, the 4th of ten children born to poor parents in an isolated valley in the Ozark Hills of Missouri, and raised during the Great Depression of the 1930s. In the late 1950s as editor of The IMPORTER Magazine in Tokyo and the author of pioneer books on the mindset and business practices of the Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans he made major contributions to the initial rise of these nations as economic superpowers. He played a key role in helping to launch the career of Merle Hinrichs who became the largest trade magazine publisher in Asia. And he launched the career of Kentucky hillbilly Larry Flynt who achieved great wealth and notoriety as the publisher of HUSTLER magazine. His encounters with many notables over the years could not have been dreamed before they happened. His story is an example of the potential of ordinary individuals to change the world. To order click on

Let's add another dimension to the author. While the many books authored by Boye de Mente cover most every aspect of his dealing and knowledge of the Orient, Mexico, Arizona, and many many more subjects, you don't wnr to miss his account of a fantastic adventure he had crossing the Pacific Ocean in a floatable Jeep! Explore, "Once a Fool" described below.

ONCE A FOOL-From Japan to Alaska by Amphibious Jeep (One of the Most Unusual Adventure Stories of the 20th Century). This is the story of the author's experiences aboard the globe-circling amphibious jeep dubbed HALF-SAFE! by Ben Carlin, its Australian "captain," who turned out to be a modern-day Captain Bligh! During the 4-month-long journey from Tokyo to Anchorage, Alaska, the two adventurers encountered Russians, Japanese fish nets, sea lions, technical problems, the frigid waters of the North Pacific and Bering Sea-and each other! The crossing made news worldwide, and The Guinness Book of World Records. To order click on

De Mente wrote the first ever books on the Japanese way of doing business (Japanese Etiquette and Ethics in Business in 1959 and How to Do Business in Japan in 1962), and was the first to introduce the now commonly used Japanese terms nemawashi, kaizen, tatemae-honne, sabi, and wabi to the outside business world!

His 70-plus other books run the gamut from language learning to the night-time "pink" trades in Japan, the sensual nature of Oriental cultures, male-female relations, and understanding and coping with the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mexican mindset in business and social situations. He has also written extensively about his home state of Arizona and the failures of American culture.