THE MEXICAN MIND! Understanding & Appreciating Mexican Culture. When most people think of great cultural accomplishments they think of Europe, and when they think of the exotic and perhaps the erotic they think of the Orient, while unknown to them they have overlooked one of the most unusual and fascinating countries on earth. This book uses key words in the Mexican language to identify and explain the contradictions and paradoxes of Mexico-the omnipresent trappings of Catholicism, the macho-cult of Mexican males, the conflicting treatment of females, the savage brutality of the criminal and the rogue cop, the gentle humility of the poor farmer, the warmth, kindness and compassion of the average city dweller and the extreme sensuality of the Mexican mindset. The book also explains why Mexicans are so attached to the culture and why so many foreigners find it so seductive and satisfying they prefer to live in Mexico. To order click

ROMANTIC MEXICO-The Images & the Realities. The Charm, the Eroticism, the Magic & the Violence! This insightful guide provides an in-depth look at the history of male-female relations in Mexico; at how Indian, Moorish and Spanish influences molded the character of present-day Mexicans, and how these influences continue to play a role in sexual morality, courting and marriage in Mexico. It covers the origins of the machismo cult, the smoldering passions of men and women, the extra-ordinary romantic nature of Mexicans, the violent element in love, sex and marriage, visitors looking for romance in Mexico…and more! There are also some choice aphrodisiac recipes, including one that is known as "Raise the Dead!" To order click

WHY MEXICANS THINK AND BEHAVE THE WAY THEY DO!-The Cultural Factors that Created the Character & Personality of the Mexican People This book provides a description and explanation of the manners, morality, values, behavior and idiosyncrasies of Mexicans, from the prevalence of bribery and corruption in general to the machoism, sexism, nationalism and hedonism that prevails in the culture, with practical advice on how to bridge the cultural gaps-insights that are especially valuable today because of the importance of Mexico as a business partner, and the growing number of Mexicans in the U.S. "The first book on Mexico to tell it like it really is! "To order click

MEXICAN CULTURAL CODE WORDS - Key Words that Explain How and Why Mexicans Think, Communicate and Behave the Way They Do As in all old societies, there are several hundred words in the Mexican language that are pregnant with cultural nuances that reveal the values, attitudes and behavior of the people in astounding depth and detail. The book provides extraordinary insights into Mexican behavior on the highest and lowest levels, and is a valuable tool for businesspeople, educators and students. It is also available as a trade paperback under the title of There's a Word for It in Mexico. [See below] To order Mexican Cultural Code Worfd click on

THERE'S A WORD FOR IT IN MEXICO! This is the quality trade paperback edition of Mexican Cultural Code Words. To order click on