THE KATA FACTOR! Japan's Secret Weapon: The Cultural Programming That Made the Japanese a Superior People! The institutionalizing and ritualizing of the Japanese way of doing thinks-shikata [she-kah-tah], literally "way of doing things", began in Japan around 400 A.D. and over the generations became the ultimate guide for Japanese thinking and behavior. Every aspect of the lives of the Japanese was controlled by the appropriate kata. The power of the kata has diminished among adults and is often ignored by younger generations. But it is vital that foreigners dealing with Japan know about it. This book explains. To order click

JAPAN: Understanding & Dealing with the New Japanese Way of Doing Business. Dramatic changes have occurred in Japan's way of doing business since the late 1980s and early 1990s when its economic juggernaut was literally stopped in its tracks. The rapid rise of global competition and the fact that the Japanese real estate and financial industries copied the doomed American practices added to Japan's woes. This book details how the Japanese way of doing business has morphed into a hybrid of traditional culture-based practices and Western practices, and provides insights in how to deal effectively with this new reality. The changes Japanese businesses have made [and are continuing to make] sure that they will continue to play a major role in the world's economy. This book also provides foreign companies with guidelines for how to compete with the Japanese. To order click

AMAZING JAPAN - Why Japan is one of the World's Most Intriguing Countries! Japan is known worldwide for its iconic symbols as geisha, karaoke, manga, Mt. Fuji, ninja, samurai warriors and huge sumo wrestlers. What is not so well-known are its amazing shrines; temples; castles; the world's largest and oldest wooden buildings; arts and crafts, hundreds of annual festivals that go back nearly two thousand years; the incredible scenic beauty of its mountains, gorges, rivers, one of the longest and most gorgeous coastlines in the world; and a combined modern and traditional lifestyle that is so fascinating and seductive that exposure to it for just a few days is a mind-altering experience. The author identifies and describes a choice selection of things that make Japan one of the world's most intriguing and enjoyable travel destinations; things that explain why so many foreigners take up permanent residence there. To order click

EXOTIC JAPAN - The Sensual & Visual Pleasures. The author delves into his 60 years of experience of living in, working in, traveling in and writing 30-plus pioneer books on the Japanese way in all areas of life to present a smorgasbord of the many things that make Japan one of the most unusual, attractive and seductive countries in the world - with invaluable insights into how to enjoy the sensual and visual feast! Whatever your interest may be, Exotic Japan will inform, delight, and titillate you. It includes survival-type key words and phrases in Japanese with their equivalents in English phonetics so you can pronounce them perfectly without any previous study or practice. It is Ideal background reading and preparation for a trip to Japan. To order click

WHY THE JAPANESE ARE A SUPERIOR PEOPLE! The Advantages of Using Both Sides of Your Brain! Japanologist/author Boyé Lafayette De Mente identifies and dissects the cultural factors that gave the Japanese a long list of skills that have made them a formidable people. These skills including thinking holistically, mastering forms and processes, producing quality goods, building sensual appeal into products, and emphasizing emotional intelligence. The book also explains in detail why and how Westerners and other left-brain oriented people should develop the ability to use the right sides of their brains to make them more competitive in today's world. To order click

SAMURAI PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES THAT WILL HELP PRETEENS & TEENS IN SCHOOL, SPORTS, SOCIAL ACTIVITIES & CHOOSING CAREERS The principles and practices that Japan's famous samurai class used in training their young made the samurai one of the most extraordinary groups of people the world has ever seen. The skills they developed in the martial arts and in cultural pursuits have never been surpassed by any other people. Japanologist / author Boyé Lafayette De Mente has identified these principles and practices and turned them into a handbook for present-day parents, teachers, preteens and teens to help the young become modern-day samurai in their pursuit of success! The book should be especially attractive to the millions of young Americans and others who have been weaned on Japanese manga (comics), ninja exploits and video games. To order click

THE BIZARRE & THE WONDROUS FROM THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN! There are two Japans, the traditional and the modern that exist side-by-side. This combination is unique in many ways that both fascinate and titillate foreign visitors. This book reveals a variety of these attractions, from sexy fertility festivals that feature huge replicas of the male organ to a legend which claims that Jesus Christ spent many of the years that he was missing from the Biblical stories in Japan with one of his brothers, and that it was his brother who was executed by the Roman authorities while Jesus fled back to Japan and live there the rest of his life. The full story and the documentary evidence is extraordinary! To buy click on

SABURO - The Saga of a Teenage Samurai in 17th Century Japan. Male members of Japan's famous samurai class, which took power in Japan at the end of the 12th century, were required to undergo physical, mental and spiritual training that gave them incredible skills in a number of martial arts. By the 1600s, samurai were also expected to become versed in aesthetics, calligraphy, philosophical matters and writing poetry. The saga of Saburo are true-to- life stories of a young boy who opts to become a roving shugyo-sha (shuu-g'yoh-shah), or "samurai in training," rather than serve a feudal lord, leading him to extraordinary adventures that bring out the culture of his times. Each story is filled with cultural and historical facts that reveal both negative and positive elements in the lives of the samurai class, with Saburo surmounting those that are negative and eventually finding a master who explains the essence and the purpose of life. The stories are both an educational and an inspirational read for young people. To order click on

MISTRESS-KEEPING IN JAPAN - The Pitfalls & the Pleasures Then & Now! Mistress-keeping has had a long and "illustrious" history in Japan, with fascinating traditions and customs that were unique to Japanese culture. The practice underwent dramatic changes following the end of the Shogunate era in 1867 and again following the end of World War II in 1945 when it was revitalized by thousands of American and United Nations military and civilian personnel who were part of the Occupation of Japan. Author Boyé Lafayette De Mente, who was part of that extraordinary phenomenon, describes in detail the nature and role of mistress-keeping during the Shogunate era, in the aftermath of WWII, and how it continues today as part of Japan's mizu shobai [mee-zoo show-by] or "water business," providing valuable insights into the entertainment trades that play major roles in business and politics. The illustrations are classic. To order click on

SPEAK JAPANESE TODAY!-A Little Language Goes a Long Way! Speak Japanese Today is designed for anyone who comes into contact with Japanese and wants to communicate with them in their own language. It also includes basic greetings, farewells, telling time, everyday expressions about the weather, giving directions, telling distances, counting, money, telephoning and much more. Speak Japanese Today is unique in that it also provides vocabulary and sentences for airline pilots, stewardesses, Immigration officials, Customs officials, hotel staff, restaurant staff, bartenders, shop clerks, taxi drivers, tour guides, doctors, people hosting Japanese students, and more. With a little practice, a person can communicate as many as 500 key concepts using only a 100-word vocabulary. Speak Japanese Today contains over 700 key words-which is close to the total number of words most people use in their own language in the course of a day. All of the words and expressions in the book are given in Romanized Japanese along with an easy-to-master pronunciation system that uses Standard English phonetics. Just pronounce the phonetics and the sounds come out "in Japanese!" To order click

JAPAN'S CULTURAL CODE WORDS - Key Words that Explain How and Why the Japanese Think and Behave the Way They Do! Insightful explanations of over 200 key words that define and control the attitudes and behavior of Japanese in business and social situations. The author uses the key words as windows to the heart and soul of the Japanese, explaining not only how the Japanese think and behave, but why they think and behave the way they do. "More insights, more practical advice, than in a dozen other books on Japan!" To order click on

JAPANESE ETIQUETTE & ETHICS IN BUSINESS The 7th edition of the first book ever on the mentality and behavior of Japanese businessmen (first published in 1959), their morals, values, goals and strategies. "The mother of all business books on Japan and still valid!" To order click on

BUSINESS GUIDE TO JAPAN-A Quick Guide to Opening Doors & Closing Deals! [Keys to Doing Business with the Japanese] This is a series of nitty-gritty guidelines for approaching and dealing with Japanese businesspeople that begins with the "taste and smell" of Japanese companies and goes on to such esoteric things [in their Japanese context!] as "I understand you" and "I will do my best"-which mean something altogether different. To order click on

ELEMENTS OF JAPANESE DESIGN-Guidelines for Understanding & Using Japan's Classic Sabi, Wabi, and Shibui Design Concepts The philosophy and ethics of Japanese design concepts are revealed in key words that are laden with cultural meaning. Although relatively simple in their original meanings, these terms have been expanded to incorporate the basic principles and elements of beauty and design that evolved in the unique Japanese environment. It is this culture-based philosophy and tradition of Japanese design and beauty that is leading a growing number of Westerners to change their way of living to a style that is more in keeping with human nature, and is therefore more satisfying sensually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Elements of Japanese Design provides in-depth understanding of these principles and how to use them. To order click on

JAPAN UNMASKED-The Character and Culture of the Japanese Veteran author Boyé Lafayette De Mente uses his in-depth knowledge of the Japanese language and culture based on decades of first-hand experience to reveal the innermost values, attitudes and day-to-day practices of the Japanese in all of the areas of life…from their business practices to their purely social relationships…in layman's terms; not the jargon of academics. Ro order click on

ETIQUETTE GUIDE TO JAPAN: Know the Rules that Make the Difference! In this classic manual, the author provides cultural insights into Japanese behavior, with precise guidelines for businesspeople and travelers…including when it is permissible to break the rules! To order click on

THE JAPANESE SAMURAI CODE - Classic Strategies for Success. Japanologist Boyé Lafayette De Mente claims that the Japanese were able to recover from the destruction of World War II in less than 15 years, from 1946 to 1960, and then transform their tiny resource-poor nation into the world's second largest economy in the next 15 years as a result of the code of ethics they inherited from the samurai warriors who ruled the country from 1192 until the last decades of the 19th century. In this fascinating book, De Mente identifies the elements of the samurai code that created the Japanese mindset and made them success-oriented to an incredible degree-values and attitudes that continue to influence the behavior of the Japanese today. The book contains valuable lessons for achieving success in any endeavor. To order click on

SAMURAI STRATEGIES-42 Strategies for Success (Based on Musashi Miyamoto's Classic Book of Five Rings) The Samurai Way of Winning in Business and in War! Japanologist Boyé Lafayette De Mente attributes the astounding transformation of tiny, resource poor Japan into the world's second largest economy in less than 30 years to the ongoing influence of the samurai code of ethics-a code that made them fierce fighters in one-on-one combat as well as formidable strategists in both business and war. The most famous individual combat strategist in Japanese history was Musashi Miyamoto, a warrior who lived from 1584 to 1645. Miyamoto fought his first duel to the death when he was 13 years old, killing a veteran warrior more than twice his age. By the time he was 29 he had defeated more than 60 other warriors in death duels, and become a legend in his own time. Just before he died, Miyamoto recorded his philosophy, strategies and tactics in a short treatise entitled Go Rin Sho, or "The Book of Five Rings." De Mente has extracted the fundamentals of Miyamoto's strategies and tactics from this esoteric little book and explained them in modern terms of business and war. Miyamoto's way of winning is just as valid today as it was in the 16th and 17th centuries, and provides invaluable insights for anyone in any field of endeavor-from business, war and sports to the arts and crafts. Samurai Strategies is more precise and more practical as a handbook for winning than The Art of War by China's most famous military strategist Sun Tzu. To order click on

JAPANESE BUSINESS DICTIONARY This book includes over 4,000 contemporary business terms and a guide to business phrases and etiquette. All entries appear in English, in Kanji [ideographs], in Romanized Japanese and in English phonetics so anyone can pronounce the words and sentences "in Japanese." To order click on

JAPANESE IN PLAIN ENGLISH Over 1,200 high-frequency words and expressions in English, Japanese and phonetics for instant use. Just pronounce the phonetics in English and the sound comes out Japanese! "It takes the mystery out of the Japanese language!" To order click on

INSTANT JAPANESE Every word and sentence in this pocket-sized language guide includes English language phonetics that make it possible for the user to communicate basic words and expressions in virtually perfect Japanese without any previous study or experience. It covers common daily experiences. To order click on

SURVIVAL JAPANESE Every word and sentence in this pocket-sized language guide includes English language phonetics that make it possible for the user to communicate in virtually perfect Japanese without any previous study or experience. It covers basic situations involving arriving in and getting around in Japan, including dealing with emergencies. To order click on

SEX & THE JAPANESE-The Sensual Side of Japan In Japan sex, in all of its categories, has never been regarded as a sin. The sexual attitudes and customs of present-day Japanese continue to reflect this ancient wisdom in ways that are both practical and imaginative. Sex and the Japanese reveals the ins and outs of these attitudes and customs, from the institutions of "love hotels" and erotic massage parlors, weekend trysts at hot spring spas, the use of cell phones and the Internet, to well-publicized date clubs and escort services. The insights and guidelines provided by Sex and the Japanese fill an enormous gap left by all other books on Japan, and is ideal background reading for businesspeople, tourists, students and anyone else interested in Japanese culture, from anime to manga. To order click on

JAPAN MADE EASY-Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Japan (and Get the Most Out of your Yen!) This book is not a guide to Japan's tourist attractions. It is a guide to all of the other things the traveler should know (and in many cases must know!) in order to get the most out of a trip to Japan-from matters relating to money, airports, transportation, the ins-and-outs of hotels and inns, how to avoid sky-high prices, how to avoid being ripped off in hostess bars, doing and seeing things that are more meaning than shrines and temples, and much more! To order click on