THE ORIGINS OF HUMAN VIOLENCE! Male Dominance, Religions & Willful Stupidity! The Abuse of Human Sexuality, Tribalism, Territorialism, Race, Color, Religions & Self-Interest. Ages have passed since homo-sapiens developed the ability to think and behave in ways that transcended our animal origins. But many males continue to inflict death and destruction on humans as well as on all other species o f life. This book explains why and how this incredible situation developed and continues today. It also includes some extraordinary recommendations. To order click on

HOW & WHY KEY WORDS CONTROL YOUR LIFE! Key Words That Reveal How & Why Americans, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans Behave the Way They Do! Plus Fascinating Historical & Cultural Facts about America, China, Japan, Korea & India! Human beings are very much like robots. They can be programmed to believe in anything and behave in any way according to key words that are instilled into their minds as children, teens and young adults. You cannot get to know anyone if you do not know the key words that turn them on or off. This book presents selections of the most important words in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. To order click on

THE PLAGUE OF MALE DOMINANCE - The Cause & Cure! The author describes this book as "a rant, a screed" on the present state of American culture, with emphasis on its male dominance and religious dogma as the primary causes of the cultural failures. The book reveals how the failure of religious-based morality combined with industrialization has resulted in profit-making becoming humanity's new morality and a cancer on human society. In addition to pinpointing the reasons and the results of the failed ethics and common sense in business, education, the news media, entertainment and politics, the author presents a series of recommendations for reforming the culture from top to bottom. The book is a shocking but informative read for all parents, teachers, businesspeople and politicians. To order click on

BRIDGING CULTURAL BARRIERS in China, Japan, Korea & Mexico. The economies of the advanced countries have gone global, but not the cultures! This presents a plethora of problems that include economic as well as political affairs, especially with countries whose cultures are often so different that compromises-much less agreements-range from difficult to impossible. In this book, the author presents a series of business-oriented insights that take much of the mystery out of the mindset and behavior of the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Mexicans. It is excellent background reading for business people, diplomats, political leaders, academics and students. To order click on

WHICH SIDE OF YOUR BRAIN AM I TALKING TO?-The Advantages of Using Both Sides of Your Brain. Some people are left-brain oriented while others are right-brain oriented. These differences play key roles in the values, attitudes and behavior of every individual. In this insightful and provocative book the proposes that it is a unique left-brain right-brain factor that explains why the Japanese make such high-quality products-but have difficulty communicating with other people. He also argues that Americans and others must learn how and when to use the right sides of their brains more effectively if they are to achieve their full potential. To order click on

WHY IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY AND VIOLENCE PLAGUE MANKIND - The Failure of Rational Thinking and Commonsense. This book takes a hard look at the irrationalities, stupidities and social insanity of human beings-from the misunderstanding and abuse of human sexuality, the rapid reversal of male-female roles, the commercial exploitation of female sexuality, the malicious use of god-based religions, to the idiotic obsession with continuous economic and population growth. Chapters include: The Id Monster, Human Sexuality, Races, Colors, Cultures, Languages, Religions, Power, Profit, Growth, Why Men and Women Talk Past Each Other and Why the Male Prostate Gland Gets Big! To order click on

WHY ORIENTAL GIRLS ATTRACT WESTERN MEN! -The Erotic Side of the Orient! The exotic side of the Orient has always fascinated both Western men and women who were fortunate enough to visit there. But it has been the erotic side of Oriental life that has resulted in large numbers of Western men, beginning with Marco Polo, spending years or the rest of their lives in the Far East. In this provocative peek behind the bamboo and silken curtains of China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, the author [an old Asian Hand] details the physical and cultural elements that have traditionally made Oriental girls the epitome of femininity and unbridled sexuality-and given them advantages over typical Western women when it comes to attracting and pleasing men. It also includes some valuable advice to Western women on how to overcome their disadvantages. To order click on

PEOPLE SEXING! - HOW TO MEASURE THE SEXUALITY OF MEN & WOMEN BY THEIR FACIAL FEATURES! What to Look for in Mates & Playmates! Men and women chose partners and spouses in a hit-and-miss method inspired more by raging hormones than by any other criteria. This handy guide explains precisely how you can tell the difference in hot, cool and cold men and women when it comes to their built-in sex-drive-by knowing how to read their facial features! It is also a useful tool for employers hiring staff who will have face-to- face contact with the public. To order click on

EROS' REVENGE - Brave New World of American Sex. A timely novel that reveals the Western world's hypocritical attitude toward human sexuality, how a nation-wide convenience-market-like chain of sex clinics becomes the biggest enterprise in the U.S. and catapults the first woman into the White House. It presents a view of the future that is rapidly coming true, and includes copious insights into the misunderstanding, misuse and abuse of human sexuality, with remedies for them. To order click on

ASIAN FACE READING - Unlock the Secrets Hidden in the Human Face. A handbook on how to "read" the size, shape and quality of facial features to discern intimate facts about the character, personality and sexuality of the individual…a skill that can be invaluable in selecting friends, mates and employees! Everybody face reads! Being able to do it like a professional pays off! The book is illustrated with key facial features. "Just being able to 'read' the mouth and lips provides remarkable insights!" [The book is based on face-reading principles pioneered by Chinese physicians beginning some three thousand years ago.] To order click on