CHINA Understanding & Dealing with the Chinese Way of Doing Business. China has emerged on the world scene as the major economic and political force. It is therefore vital that the United States and other countries become familiar with the present-day morality, the social etiquette, the business practices and the political policies of the Chinese. This book addresses aspects of the unique way business is done in China, which can be especially difficult because the Chinese do business in so many different ways. These differences relate to the regions of the huge country, the distance from Beijing, the size of the cities, the political views and clout of government officials on all levels, the age and background of the individuals involved, any international experience they may have had, and so on. Broadly speaking the business practices of today's China are mixtures of traditional values and customs combined with Western concepts and practices that despite bumps in the highway are propelling the country forward at warp speed. This book addresses both the traditional and modern-day aspects of how business is generally done in China, and offers insights in how to deal with them effectively. It also covers the political nature of China's appearance on the international scene and the globalization of its economy. To order click on

THE CHINESE MIND-Understanding Traditional Chinese Beliefs and their Influence on Contemporary Culture. This is not an esoteric academic exercise! It is a down-to-earth guide to how present-day Chinese think and why they think and behave the way they do! It provides insights on the Chinese mindset as well as guidelines for interacting with the Chinese in business, diplomatic, political and social situations! To order click on

ETIQUETTE GUIDE TO CHINA - Know the Rules That Make the Difference! An invaluable guide for businesspeople and visitors going to China, from how to meet, greet and interact with people, to rules governing the way the Chinese do business - plus useful phrases in Romanized Chinese with English phonetic. Just read the phonetics in standard English and the sound comes out in "Chinese!. To order click on

CHINA'S CULTURAL CODE WORDS - Key Words that Explain How and Why the Chinese Think, Communicate and Behave the Way They Do. Concise explanations of over 300 key Chinese terms that serve as windows to the heart and soul of China-an in depth guide to how the Chinese think and behave, with practical advice on how to cope. "Windows to the heart and soul of the Chinese!" To order click on

CHINESE IN PLAIN ENGLISH. Over 1,000 key terms and phrases in [English] phonetic Chinese for instant use. Just pronounce the phonetics in English and the sound comes out in Chinese (or close enough!!!!). Ideal for vacationing travelers and short-time business visitors. To order click on

INSTANT CHINESE This handy pocket-sized language manual covers words and phrases commonly heard and used in everyday casual, social and business situations in China…with a pronunciation guide based on the English language phonetics [sounds!] that most closely resembles the correct Chinese pronunciation. You read or say the English phonetics and the sounds come out "in Chinese. To order click on

SURVIVAL CHINESE This handy pocket-sized book covers words and phrases visitors need to communicate about basic things from greetings and emergencies to questions about everything from hotels and dining to transportation. It is also based on English language phonetics that allows one to communicate fairly well in Chinese without any previous study, or knowledge of the "tones." You just pronounce the phonetic versions of each entry in English. To order click on