AMAZING ARIZONA -Fascinating Facts, Legends & Tall Tales! Arizona is unique among American states, not only in its geography and geology but also in the diversity of its climate, in its indigenous animal and plant life, and in the history of its first inhabitants; communities of Indians whose ancestors arrived on the scene some 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. The stories of the first European Americans, who began arriving on the scene in the 1820s, range from amazing to incredible. This is great reading for residents and visitors alike. To order click on

THE GRAND CANYON ANSWER BOOK - Everything You Might Want to Know About the Grand Canyon and Then Some! Arizona is one of the most spectacular and beautiful regions in the U.S. There is no other place with its mix of landscapes, animal and plant life, and where you'll find unique geological structures. Indians Reservations that make 28 percent of the state are also among the state's treasures. The most spectacular of Arizona's geological features is, of course, the great Grand Canyon, considered by many to be the most awesome landscape sight on earth. Its only competition is on Mars! As the title indicates, this book answers virtually every question anyone might have about the Grand Canyon-literally from "A" to "Z"-including things regular guide books don't talk about. To order click on

VISITOR'S GUIDE TO ARIZONA'S INDIAN RESERVATIONS. Arizona was Indian Country thousands of years before the first Europeans set foot on the North and South American continents and it is still Indian Country today! Seventeen tribes live on 23 Reservations that encompass a total of over 20 million acres-approximately 28 percent of the land area of the state! Many of Arizona's most amazing attractions-cultural, geographic, historical and recreational-are in its Indian Country. This book covers visitor attractions and recreational facilities on all of the Reservations. The Reservations play a vital role in the business and cultural life of the state and are among its most valuable assets. This is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in the culture of the Apaches, Hopi, Navajos and other Native American residents of Arizona. To order click on

AMERICA'S FAMOUS HOPI INDIANS - Their Spiritual Way of Life & Incredible Prophecies! Provocative explanations of key Hopi words that define the values, attitudes and behavior of these famous, enigmatic Native Americans of Arizona, from their sexual mores to their view of and relationship with the physical and spiritual worlds. The ability of the early Hopi to predict future events is astounding-clearer and more precise than the prophecies of Nostradamus. The book provides fascinating insights into the minds of a people whose oral history tells them they were the first human beings in the Americas, and that they came by huge rafts across the Pacific Ocean; not the ancient land-bridge that connected Alaska and the Asian continent! To order click on

ARIZONA'S LORDS OF THE LAND -The History, Heart, Traditional Customs & Wisdom of the Navajos. Provocative explanations of key Navajo words that define the values, attitudes and behavior of these famed Native Americans of Arizona and New Mexico (known during their heyday as "The Lords of the Land!"). Content ranges from male-female customs to their view of and relationship with the physical and spiritual world. Unlike the early Anglo-American image of these remarkable people, they were intellectually sophisticated, master poets and warrior-philosophers who, when they had the chance, put most of the white men of the day to shame. To order click on